All Longtail’s cider is made from apples grown in our orchards in north west Kent, fermented with wild yeasts. We don’t add sugar, flavourings, carbonate or pasteurize.

‘Summer Magic’ (Medium Sweet, Sparkling) ABV 6%, 750ml bottle

A keeved cider, with residual sweetness from the juice of the harvested apples. Dabinett from ‘The Nook’ orchard is the main apple used in our keeved cider, giving its fruity and easy drinking character. The long Kentish growing season means lots of sun and high sugar levels in the apples.

Keeving is a traditional method to encourage the bits in the apple juice to bond and rise to the surface at an early stage of fermentation (the ‘chapeu brun’ or ‘flying lees’). Without this nutrient source, the wild yeasts which ferment the juice work more leisurely, and the cider retains the ethers, flavours and residual sweetness of the apples. The final stage of fermentation is 'in bottle' for natural conditioning and light sparkle. 


‘Bones’ (Dry, Sparkling) ABV 7.5%, 750ml bottle

Strong dry cider made from a blend of late ripening tannic apples; Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak, LaxtonSupurb, Colonel Vaughn and Somerset Redstreak. The blend gives depth of flavour and complexity, with a balance of acid forward and astringent apples going into the mix. Bottle conditioned (lightly sparkling).


‘Daydreamer’ (Medium Sweet, Still) ABV 6%, 3li bag-in-box

Keeved semi-sweet cider, plenty of body and full flavour in a convenient  fridge pack. Described by drinkers as 'lovely', 'exquisite' and 'very moreish'.