Longtail is a farm cidery and orchard, producing premium ciders made from the juice of home grown, tannic apples, near Rochester, Kent.

By making a small range of ciders,unhurriedly fermented by wild yeasts using traditional production methods, it encourages the flavours of the apples expression through the cider, evoking the climate and soils of our orchards in north west Kent, with their fertile chalk loams and long growing season.
And just 12 miles from the capital … Longtail is London’s Local Cider!

So we invite you to fill your cups and raise them, to the fertile earth of the orchard and to the old ways… Drink Hale!

Kentish Longtails

There is a local legend that Thomas Becket, infamous Archbishop of Canterbury, was waylaid by the locals of Strood, near Rochester. His horses tail was cut off in the argument, so Becket cursed the men, that their descendants would be  born with tails.